Want your own copy of Practical Mobile Forensics for $5?

Hey everyone,

It’s the Holidays, so why not treat yourself to a copy of Practical Mobile Forensics? You can get the eBook for $5 until January 6th directly from Packt!  This book was designed to help both new and experienced examiners capture and analyze data from mobile devices.  Our goal was to use Open Source solutions as much as possible.  Check out the book and happy forensicating!

The link to purchase the book for $5 is

Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “Want your own copy of Practical Mobile Forensics for $5?”

  1. I am trying to adopt your textbook for one of our popular forensics courses at Lorain County Community College, but I am having the hardest time reaching the publisher.
    I need to know if you have a lab book to accompany the textbook. I also want to know how often you intend on updating the textbook to include newly developed technologies such as iPhone 6.

    Best Regards,

    Hikmat Chedid

    1. We do not have a lab book currently developed. The good news is that the iPhone 6 hasn’t changed the game too much as we are faced with the same hurdles as we previously were. There are a few exceptions. iOS8 brought the greatest change. Not sure when our next version will come out. It’s hard to keep up with smartphones! I suggest taking my SANS course FOR585 for the latest and greatest.

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