I’m not hiding, I swear!

If you are wondering where I have been, the answer is easy – busy! But I haven’t been ignoring you. Since joining Cellebrite, I have been working on sharing my research through their channels. To be honest, between that and SANS, I haven’t had time to blog on my own. So, here is just my promise to you – I will have another blog on here soon. Most likely on mobile acquisition techniques and iOS 13. I need to update some of the older posts anyway.

If you have missed my work, check out the following new stuff:

Cellebrite Webinar – http://bit.ly/2kx61bR Mastering the Mobile Device Challenges in eDiscovery – Do not let the term eDiscovery sway you from listenting to this. Here, I provided a preview of Physical Analyzer 7.23 as well as hints on what is coming in new releases. Learn about redaction, advanced searches and Legalview.

CellebriteWebinar – http://bit.ly/2kF09NJ – Fantastic Android Encryptions and How to Defeat Them – ‘nuf said 😉

Cellebrite Bloghttps://www.cellebrite.com/en/blog/mission-matters-thats-why-i-joined-cellebrite/

Cellebrite Bloghttps://www.cellebrite.com/en/topics/investigative-techniques/if-i-were-an-investigative-profiler-for-a-day/

DFIR Summit Presenationhttps://github.com/hmahalik/Presentations/blob/master/RollinHatin_iOSCarplay_AndroidAuto.pdf – Sarah Edwards and I researched and presented artifacts relating to iOS CarPlay and Android Auto.

Coming soon:

Cellebrite Connect events – San Fran and Chicago – https://www.cellebrite.com/en/events/

SANS – FOR585 – updated cheat sheets – waiting on iOS 13 to officially be released – Keep your eye out alumni!

Podcast – Cyber Security Interviews with Doug Brush – https://cybersecurityinterviews.com/episodes/ (not yet published)

https://www.cellebrite.com/en/ask-the-expert/ – A video series with methods, tricks and just concepts you should know for investigations. I plan to blog for each one of these.

OSDFCON – iOS Sysdiagnose Bugs – Speaking with Mattia Epifani

ICAC NW – Speaking on Smartphones: How to Reach the Summit When You Have a Mountain of Data

DFIRCON 2019 –https://www.sans.org/event/dfircon-miami-2019/courses/ Teaching FOR585, Running DFIR Netwars with Eric Zimmerman and doing an @Night on A Wild Goose Chase: Hunting For Hard to Find Smartphone Apps and Malware

Published articles – I will tweet about them

A new podcast… just wait for it! I am better at talking when I think of something vs taking the time to write it all down. This is going to be fun!

As always, I will be teaching FOR585 around the world so look out for me. for585.com/course to see where not only me, but the team of instructors who support this are also teaching. We hope to see you there.

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