What’s your biggest hurdle in smartphone forensics?

Hey everyone,

Figured I would do a quick blog to see what your greatest issues are when dealing with the smartphones in your investigations:

– Locked devices? If so, which ones?

-Encryption (device level or application level)?

-Parsing the plethora of 3rd party apps found on devices?

Let me know your thoughts. Looking into my next research area and thought I would question the community first to see what is needed.

Have a great afternoon!

2 thoughts on “What’s your biggest hurdle in smartphone forensics?”

  1. Definitely locked devices. Both for iPhone 5 and higher, and Android phones.

    Is there anything I can do besides doing an extraction on the SIM card?

    As for the IP Box, have you had any issues when the info is wiped after 10 failed attempts? Such as liability for the agency?

    I’m enjoying learning what you’ve got here. Keep up the good work!

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