Win A Free Copy of Packt’s Practical Mobile Forensics

I am pleased to announce that Packt Publishing is organizing a giveaway especially for you.   All you need to do is just comment below the post for a chance to win a free e-copy of Practical Mobile Forensics.  Two lucky winners will be selected.


Overview of Practical Mobile Forensics

  • Clear and concise explanations for forensic examinations of mobile devices
  • Master the art of extracting data, recovering deleted data, bypassing screen locks, and much more
  • The first and only guide covering practical mobile forensics on multiple platforms

How to Enter?

Simply post your expectations from this book as a comment or Tweet. You could be one of the 2 lucky participants to win the copy.

DeadLine: The contest will close on 09/25/04. Winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to use your real email address when you comment or contact me directly with it –

41 thoughts on “Win A Free Copy of Packt’s Practical Mobile Forensics”

  1. Having seen HM @ CEIC 2014 explain the writing process and the challenges around publishing, I have no doubt that the content will match the passion and knowlegde of the authors. I have been in Mobile device forensics for past 5 years and am sure that there are volumes of knowledge that will be unlocked as it relates to mobile devices, decoding of data and getting at the secret sauce of apps.

  2. Not being able to attend Sans FOR585, this book looks like a great come-close-to-replacement for almost no money at all!

  3. After meeting Heather in Austin during the DFIR Summit and getting to know her, I’m definitely eager to see her wisdom in writing.

  4. This book looks to be a great resource for anyone wanting to learn how to get involved with mobile forensics; making sure to cover all the different platforms.

  5. I am new to the area of digital forensics but have had an interest in mobile since I started working for a mobile start-up in 2008 testing and evangelising the product. I have done the F858 Smartphone Forensics Challenge and found the area very interesting to learn more about and an area that I could also look into when I do my Masters in IT. I think this would complement my background in mobile especially with greater use as a personal device and overall concerns regarding it.

  6. Heather is a great presenter, awesome at what she does, and is well respected by her peers. I am sure this book will be outstanding!

  7. I feel that I am lacking a little in the mobile forensics arena and I think a book such as this would be of great benefit to springboard my knowledge.

  8. This book is the first of its kind in the mobile device forensics, that addresses the four predominant ecosystems for mobile devices. I believe this book will appeal to both the novice and experienced digital forensics analysts.

  9. Great stuff,
    After attending a course a few years back with Heather as the instructor, I’m sure if the book is half as engaging as she is it will be a winner for sure.
    Good effort

  10. Having attended SANS FOR563 with Heather Mahlik and having received feedback from several students of the newer FOR585 I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Heather has a huge breadth of knowledge in this field and is able to explain it in terms suitable to any audience, be they experienced forensicators or newcomers to the discipline. As she is always at the head of current developments I expect this book to bring me up to date with the most modern techniques for the devices currently on the market.

  11. The authors of this text are among the leaders in our field at dealing with mobile devices and juicing every last bit of evidence. I look forward to reading it.

  12. My expectations for this book I would have to say, is that it will teach those who are just getting started in computer forensic or the IT industry, have a better understanding of Mobile Forensics. Now that technology is more on the go than the days of desktop computers, I’m more than certain this book will provide the needed information a student like me, as well as a full blown professional will need, in order to expand their knowledge to the next playing field; which is the wonder world of Mobile Forensics.

  13. Having read your work on mobile forensics with Basis and SANS, you got me addicted to mobile forensics. You gave me inspiration to pursue this track. I’ll definitely get any form of writing from you. You’re an amazing teacher!

  14. I know very little about my smart phone let alone forensics. I would love to read your book and learn something new I find it fascinating and mind blowing that you can actually do these things. Doesn’t surprise me on Heathers success, I saw her drive when she was a little girl.

  15. Having less than a year of experience in forensics, it would be monumental to have this resource in my arsenal. All of my colleagues agree that Heather Mahalik is a trusted authority in mobile forensics.

  16. This would be a great addition to my expanding library. I’m not currently doing mobile forensics at work, but you never know when that first call will occur. Be nice to have to start preparing for that day.

  17. I would love to own this great resource. I have been doing lots of research in the mobile forensics realm in terms of wearable devices like Google Glass. I hope to extend my research to the upcoming Apple Watch when it arrives next year.

  18. Heather is one of the reference point in the field of Mobile Forensics. I already bought your book Heater and we will meet in Prague in 2 weeks for the Euorpean Digital Forensics Summit! See you there!!

  19. I am currently taking the SANS 585 course and Heather is an awesome presenter and really knows her stuff. I am really enjoying the course.

  20. I am planning to buy this book. The content is great. Every mobile forensics expert should buy it. I could not read so I can not write much about it. I hope ı will write after I have.

  21. In law enforcement, you learn to discern. Heather is extremely diligent, caring, and her conscience will not let her give less than 200%. In forensics, you look for patterns and consistency. I know this book will match her strong professional and digital forensic skills. Looking forward to it.

  22. Having known Heather for a few years, and working with her on a few projects related to mobile, I am excited for this book. I know it will be filled with a vast amount of knowledge and information that the community needs. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and get deep into the bits. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to know the other authors, but I know that Jeather surrounds herself with intelligent people and can only imagine their contributions were huge. Looking forward to the next book as I know there are more to come.

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